Edible Forest

Edible Forest: reinforcing our ideology of generating symbiosis, we promoted this initiative in an area of ​​20 blocks, located in the surroundings of Managua, which is also an integral part of the demonstration of food security by producing food under cultivation practices that associate fruit trees, tubers , vines and many other species, designing it to achieve a very productive agricultural system.

We guarantee the fertility of the soil and a healthy state of the crops thanks to a high biodiversity of species: legumes to fix nitrogen, forage crops that produce a large amount of biomass, aromatics that repel pests or attract beneficial insects, etc.

All are part of the system and harmonize with each other in the different strips of the forest to achieve this end. This design is combined with permaculture management techniques to ensure the recycling and reuse of all waste produced, thus making external inputs and energy minimal.