Our Services

Our services are divided into: (i) technical assistance to development projects which aims to guide a sustainable implementation focused on results and (ii) communication and visibility activities to ensure the participation and acceptance of all stakeholders.

Technical Assistance and Local Facilities

SIMBIOSIS offers its support structure that offers local facilities and recognized capacities, aimed at the development of technical assistance activities for development projects through the following services:

  • Research and conduct of thematic studies in specialty sectors including transversal axes (gender, environment, multiculturalism …)
  • Design and development of participatory methodologies with key stakeholders
  • Identification and Selection of local, regional and / or international experts.
  • Human Resources Management and Technical Support
  • Identification, formulation, audit, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programs.
  • Organization of know-how transfer workshops.
  • Logical framework methodology and project cycle.
  • Quality monitoring and Backstopping
  • Local and regional representation of foreign consulting companies.

In each sector, it collaborates with several recognized experts in the Latin American continent and has a roster of more than 3,000 experts, mostly of Latin American origin. Said roster has been selectively formed and is updated according to the implementation requirements of its projects.

Communication and Visibility

SIMBIOSIS has a solid experience in the development and implementation of Communication and Visibility Strategies for Development actions and Programs, aimed at bringing the actors involved in the projects closer together, facilitating communication and dynamically supporting the dissemination of information, raising public awareness. in general or to specific recipients regarding the reasons for the actions carried out, as well as the results and their effects.

The advice is based on a climate of open dialogue and participatory accompaniment with all the actors involved, from the design of a strategic visibility and communication plan, until its implementation; planning and accompanying all the necessary actions. Our work incorporates tasks such as:

  • Graphic design and production
  • Multimedia products
  • Event organization
  • Systematization of experiences (memories, books, magazines, reports …)
  • Interior decoration
  • Creative Support Services.
  • Written, radio and television dissemination
  • Qualitative research tool

SIMBIOSIS and its experts in communication and visibility, design the communication plans and strategies and execute the products and actions, according to the Communication and Visibility Manual of the donor agencies.

Our Commitment

The commitments that SIMBIOSIS acquires with its clients are based on the following principles:

Quality: achieving quality in its missions as a true strategy to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients.
Sensitivity: both socially and environmentally, we feel committed to achieve a more just and sustainable world.
Overcoming: Supporting change and strengthening processes creating enriching or replicable synergies and exchanges of experience.